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Standby Guardianship

What Is Standby Guardianship?

Standby Guardianship is a legal arrangement that ensures the seamless transition of care for your children in the event that you, as the primary guardian, are unable to fulfill your parenting duties due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, incapacity, or other emergencies. By proactively establishing a standby guardian, you can ensure that your children are well-cared for no matter what the future may hold.

Terms Of Standby Guardianship

When a parent or guardian faces serious health issues, like a disabling medical condition or terminal illness, appointing a standby guardian is essential for their children’s well-being. This standby guardian takes over care for a set time due to a specific event, ensuring a smooth transition without giving up parental rights. This arrangement allows parents to temporarily pass on their duties if necessary, ensuring their child’s care continues, even in the event of the parent’s passing.

Benefits Of Standby Guardianship

  • Advanced Planning: By designating a standby guardian, you can make informed decisions about who will step in to care for your children when needed.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that there is a standby guardian in place provides reassurance and security during challenging times.

  • Stability for Children: Standby guardianship helps maintain stability in your children’s lives by ensuring a smooth transition of care in times of crisis.

  • Legal Protection: Having a documented standby guardianship arrangement offers legal protection for both your children and the designated guardian, safeguarding everyone’s interests.

How Does It Work?

At Schaefer Law, our dedicated legal team will help you navigate the process of setting up a standby guardianship. We will assist you in drafting the necessary legal documents that clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the standby guardian. These documents will be securely kept on record and can be activated when needed, ensuring that your children are in good hands.