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Child Support

Seeking The Best Outcome For Child Custody

At Schaefer Law, we understand the importance of securing child support and providing a stable lifestyle for your children. As one of the top law firms specializing in family law in the Woburn area, our experienced family attorneys are here to assist and guide you through the child support process.

Child custody is often a primary concern for parents going through a divorce or separation. Our experienced family attorneys have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in child custody battles. We will work diligently to represent your best interests and those of your children, striving for a custody arrangement that fosters a positive and nurturing environment.

The Role Of A Family Attorney In Child Support Cases

Our family attorneys excel at navigating complex child support matters, ensuring that the best interests of your children are at the forefront of our legal strategy. We recognize that each child support case is unique, and our attorneys are skilled in analyzing financial information to determine fair and reasonable child support amounts. We are dedicated to advocating for your children’s rights and ensuring they receive the financial support they deserve.

Developing An Effective Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a crucial component of child support cases, as it outlines the responsibilities and expectations of each parent in terms of custody arrangements. Our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting parenting plans that consider the individual circumstances of your family. We strive to create a parenting plan that promotes a healthy co-parenting relationship and provides stability for your children.